Nef: The Birth of Civilization.

And you will dream of undertaking you also update this heroic adventure. Read this book, you will restore confidence in your profession of educator. O Fifteen years later, here’s Medical-Pedagogical Institute of La Mayotte which Fernando Cortez tells the story in a brochure published by the International Federation of Children’s Communities.

I almost say the opposite Beau Souci. A Beau Souci, as the Freinet school, there are shutters that close properly, rickety doors, poorly arranged rooms for destinations that fall to them, gardens and woods where children are at home, a number very small educators because it is not the number but the value makes the quality of the work. But the mind seems issued there as mobilized the creative power and organizer of teachers and pupils.

For the Medico-Pedagogical Institute, there are funds on a scale that would dream Beautiful Souci; Local brand new, with as children the flaws of the new premises, with an army of teachers, monitors, service women, a total of 28 to 62 children. Plus, non-permanent: a psychoanalyst psychiatrist, a physiotherapist, a psychologist, a speech therapist, pediatrician, general medical doctor, dentist, and various Parisian specialists.

We would certainly not suggest that we criticize the importance of the funds to a work as vital, just as we do question the pedagogical concern and dedication of educators and their manager. But several questions arise on which we would like to have the opinion of our readers, and we’ll discuss that matter. 1. To what extent is seeking comfort favorable to education?

I had the opportunity to discuss the matter this summer with a monitor that was installing the Freinet school too poor, what it probably did not totally wrong. He wanted beautiful tables and especially comfortable chairs, and not those banks that we use in the summer on our terrace; I made him assert that when I go back to our family homes in the mountains, I am so happy to sit on old wooden chairs and rustic benches, that comfort is a matter entirely relative, the Contemporary trade has enlarged to sometimes make an incredible limitation.

There are certainly comfort that facilitates the work of the housewife, provided again that its concern household does not become tyrannical. For children, optimum comfort is achieved very quickly. What matters to them, that’s life, the possibilities of action and creation, the resonances of the trade.

In search of furnishings for the child should be taken into greater account of this element of life. The whole issue of school equipment should be reconsidered. I was talking about the thing internship Boulouris. Of School Kindergarten teachers we cited examples of newly built schools, and the eyes of the visitors appear like palaces. But these are not the children of the palace.

The walls are so cared for – even if the decorations are nothing childlike – we can not even hang a print. The class must remain anonymous and impersonal as the architect designed it. We asked for a long time for that architects do not continue to build in 1956 the schools on the model 1900. A start has been made, the architecture has been modernized, but not in the academic sense.

And many colleagues who tell us how architects and educators developed continue to ignore their needs and mutual responsibilities. We will tell again the story of a village school we saw build this summer in the mountains by sound principles perhaps Provencal school, and will be, thereby radically uninhabitable. We would like that the comrades involved in this joint investigation. 2. Question: The funds allocated to schools will always be insufficient.

But we have not only the right but the duty to discuss the use as we discussed the use of Barange funds. We do not believe that the solution of Mayotte is an ideal solution. By increasing, I would say catastrophic, the children’s homes of the staff, we engage in a stalemate.

We should objectively examine what are the optimum conditions of life in community. I am personally convinced that the results would be better if we reduced, in some cases, staff costs to increase installation costs, equipment and labor; we still live too much in all schools of the old conception of discipline born of strict supervision. There would perhaps be to move here as well, to a labor discipline.

3. Question: Mayotte seems to fear that the children’s home can stand as a substitute for family life. “The Mayotte does not accept children for eight years because it is dangerous to separate a child under eight years of his family … It is absolutely excluded that an educator is done call mom or aunt by children of the group. “Certainly nothing can replace the family when it is acceptable.

But there is now immense mass of children who, as a result of new working conditions, as a result of the increasing difficulties of family, have no family, and why we must look for other conditions education. We are certainly against a form of affectivity which is only the ersatz family spirit, but on other grounds, that we try to define it we can ensure that children without family “helping “the foundation that will make them men.

All this, we repeat, does not diminish in any way the scope of the work of institutions that honor France, and teachers who found some of the great virtues educators homework helper
we can not say too much splendor. O I had long since on my shelves a book by John U. Nef: The Birth of Civilization. Industrial and Contemporary World (Armand Colin) I do not hastened to read when I did not believe him any major impact on our designs and our educational guidance.

And now, from the first pages, I read: “What distinguishes the industrial civilization of all previous civilizations, is the fact that research quantitatively became primary, and we risk losing – the threat is immediate – the values ??evoked by looking qualifier, core values ??(we will try to demonstrate) to the very evolution of industrial civilization. “And so our whole; pedagogical problem that is posed: Quantitative acquisition of knowledge and quality of these acquisitions based on our nature and our social role. “In the modern world, sometimes we are the slaves of the amount and speed, because we attach disproportionate importance to the speed and quantity. “” The work of the poet or historian does not lend itself to such acceleration. Hear the ringing of a clock, the ticking of a watch or see the movement of a small needle threaten the artist and the lover. “” Contemporary accurately addresses the qualifier; therefore, in contemporary times, the true artist must organize his life other than a financial industrial or a factory worker …

At the time of Rabelais, much of the industrial population and all the population lived on the same pace as the artist … everyone’s life did not depend on clocks, and the concept of time had artistic meaning much richer and more widespread than today. “The author then notes that the first industrial revolution occurred in England and in Scandinavia around 1560. Around that time a scientific revolution has already announced the reign of quantity. “Fundamental changes in scientific methods of research and thought were the work of a few men, the most prominent were: Gilbert, Harvey, Galileo, Kepler, Desargues, Fermat and author of the Discourse on Method, Descartes.

All these men were born between 1540 and 1601. All have their main research between 1570 and 1650. What characterized these discoveries in the field of positive sciences, it was the systematic use of all the experiences and all the comments that were have a relationship with the problem …